Working in conjunction with the Devils Porridge Museum Near Annan, Eastriggs, our team were invited onto a truly unique project – we had been asked to create a Virtual Tour of ChapelCross Nuclear Power Station. It was a challenge where we could use our expertise on virtual tours to preserve history forever making history of our own as we progressed along the project.

Firstly, we need to express how amazing the team are at Devils Porridge Museum and what a remarkable achievment they have done not only with this project, but as a whole. The museum is packed full or amazing artifacts and displays that showcase how the area operated during the wars. I reccomend for anyone to visit and take the family there for a day out.

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The Power Station

ChapelCross Nuclear Power Station is currently under deconstruction by Magnox who operate the chapelcross site. The power plant has a steep history and connection with the local people and rightly deserves its own place in the museum. The contract we have is directly with Devils Porridge Museum, who were able to use their connections to allow us to capture some amazing areas of the powerplant in 3D Virtual Tours, before the deconstruction takes place. We were able to capture areas such as the control rooms and event the treatment facitilities. We are delighted to have been able to work on this project. Together, with Magnox and the museum we had to overcome a few hurdles. Security challenges and safety regulation were some of the issues we faced. We even had to understand how our equipment would be effected given the environment.

Creating A Landing Page

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In order for us to showcase the virtual tour at the museum we created a standalone webpage that has clickable links to various tours across the site. Using a standalone artist impression of chapelcross nuclear power station we were able to create an application that allowed the museum to have a always on virtual tour that people can explore, but also for people who found that the VR experience was a little too much for them.

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Our Virtual Tours Of ChapelCross

All our Chapelcross virtual tours are best seen in the full Virtual Reality Experience. You can see these at the Devils Porridge Museum who have a VR experience booth. Those who cant get there, here are the tours that we created to preserve the power plant in time. Let us know what you think. Comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts, experiences and more…

Tritium Plant

Pile Cap

Reactor Control

Electrical Control Room

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We would like to also thank everyone at Magnox who made this possible too.