Twitter for business: Creating a Twitter Profile

There are many social media networks that offer great marketing opportunities for your business, but is twitter right for you? Twitter currently boasts more than 330 million monthly users, often gaining attention from the media and journalists. Due to Twitter’s real-time nature, it is a great platform to use to directly interact with your followers/customers. Twitter is also a great tool to use to influence consumer buying decisions; as 60% of a brand’s followers are more likely to purchase or recommend products after following a brand on twitter. If your target audience regularly uses twitter, then so should your brand.

Before you start

Know your audience

The first thing you should ask when planning your Twitter strategy is who are you trying to connect with? Understanding your audience and creating a customer persona will help your twitter page relate directly to your target market. Every piece of content you post should be created with your audience in mind. Ask yourself what are their interests? What kind of content will engage them the most?

Research your competitors

It is also important to understand what kind of content and marketing tactics your competitors are using. Researching successful competitors may point out things you should be doing and also ways in which you can stand out. Notice how they interact with their consumers. What tone of voice do they use? Are they friendly or more corporate? How is their content balanced between informative, entertainment, sales and customer service? This research will create a better-informed strategy for your business.

Have an account manager

It may be beneficial to assign one team member as the twitter account manager. This may be a member of the marketing team or one person who manages all social accounts. If too many people have access to the account this may cause mistakes and confusion. However, this may not be the case if the account is primarily customer service based. As multiple staff members may need access to respond to customers efficiently.

Building your Twitter profile

Make sure your handle is recognisable

When creating your profile twitter handle try and use one which is as close to your company name as possible. If you can, use your exact business name, however, sometimes this may be taken by another user. When your name is not available you can add another relevant word. For example, Slack’s twitter account has ‘HQ’ at the end of their handle.

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@SlackHQ on Twitter
Upload a profile and header image

Build a profile that stands out and is in line with your current branding aesthetic. Uploading a high-quality image of your logo for your profile picture is a great way to ensure your brand is instantly recognisable. Your header can be a bit more creative but should still reflect the tone of your company. This could be purely image-based or your company’s tagline. Or you could get really creative like the guys over at Innocent Drinks, who often change their header in reaction to current events. In response to all the free time a lot of people currently have, their header is a quirky spot-the-difference cartoon.

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@innocent on Twitter
Optimise your profile information

Ensure your profile is up to date with the correct website link and location for your business. This is vital as your followers will click on your profile to find out more about your company so the information should be there and not hard to find. Your bio should tell the reader about your business in a compelling and succinct way. Use relevant keywords or hashtags (but not too many hashtags) to optimise your bio for search engines so your account will rank higher when someone searches for your business on Google.

Get tweeting

Add value to your content

Many twitter users use this platform as a way to connect with others and inspire conversation. When creating content for your brand’s twitter it is important to consider whether this content will inspire, entertain, or educate your audience. You could develop content which re-occurs as part of a series such as behind the scenes look into your company, meet the team posts, inspirational quotes or facts relating to your industry. And much like any other social media marketing platform, keep your audience in mind when creating content.

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@Spotify on Twitter. Spotify posts music content they know their audience will be interested in and they even include a CTA – encouraging their followers to retweet their content.
Interact with your community

Engaging with your audience on twitter is critical as the platform is built on communication. Your twitter page is not all about you, you should be an active member of your community by consistently replying to or retweeting your followers and sharing other industry leaders or content creators’ posts. Sparking conversations with questions to your followers is also a great way to engage them, get them talking and retweet the best answers. Another fun way to get a more interactive response is to host twitter polls, which can also double as effective market research. 

Use media

Tweets using an image will get on average 150% more retweets than simple text tweets. Using different types of media such as gifs, videos and images are a great way to stand out from other tweets as visual content captures the attention of users more when they are scrolling through the timeline.

Use hashtags

Adding hashtags to your tweets is a great way to get your tweet read by more users. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to your business/tweet but don’t use too many. Using too many hashtags can make users think your account is spam so for best practice never add more than 4. Additionally, you can research which hashtags are the most popular for your industry and so it is best to add only the most efficient hashtags. Top-Hashtags is a great website that allows you to search for popular hashtags for free.

Pin a tweet

Twitter allows users to pin a tweet to the top of their profile, so when users view your page this is the first piece of content they see even if it was posted at a later date than more recent tweets. This is an excellent marketing opportunity to pin something important, this could be a newly launched marketing campaign, sale event or link to a marketing questionnaire. 

Get started with Twitter today

If you’re interested in using twitter as a marketing platform for your business but would like some guidance or advice on how to begin this venture, get in touch with us here at The ITO today. 

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