How to improve your social media presence

Your social media presence can be very powerful when applied correctly. Take a look at our tips to help you build a successful social media strategy for your brand.

Have some personality

Social media is here to entertain, inform and make people feel connected. Think about what you enjoy looking at on social media. Often, audiences are invested in the people behind the business, as much as they are the business itself. It’s important to consistently bring relatable, useful and entertaining content to the table; don’t just post for the sake of it. People appreciate posts with some depth that seem genuine, funny and interesting. 

Create a visual language

 A visual language expresses the company’s values to the user without them even having to read any content. The beauty of the visual language is that users often won’t even realise it’s there – they’ll just automatically recognise your brand or website whenever they see something produced by you. 

Visual language is comprised of various aspects that work together to create the image of your business. It’s important to strategise the image you want your business to have and apply rules to the way posts are portrayed, so that they fit consistently within this strategy.

These aspects can include things such as building a colour palette (perhaps reflective of the logo design of your company, and the services you provide), emphasising an image style, matching words to visuals, building rules for animations and more. Most importantly, be true to yourself and the message you want your company to portray.

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Be consistent

Your visual language and content should follow the same tone and rules. This establishes an easily recognisable style, which helps users to pick you out from the crowd, while conveying that your company is well organised and dependable.  

It’s also important to regulate how often you post online. Sporadic posting can make you seem disorganised and with so many people relying on social media to find products and services, this isn’t the best image to have. To remain present on social media, we recommend posting at least twice a week across different platforms. 

Engage with your community

Knowing your audience is vital. Try to make your posts relevant to your local community. Support other local businesses and they will support you. Consider working with local charities. If you have career options available, let your followers know. Be aware of the links you share – for example, if you’re posting for a company based in the UK, don’t share links to American news sites in your content. Most importantly, remain present by liking, supporting and commenting on other pages in your local community.

 Keep it local, keep it supportive. 

Create some killer content

There’s no point in posting something just for the sake of it. People want to be informed and entertained when it comes to content, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they can see through a flimsy post with no backbone. Do your research and bring something delicious to the table – or a good joke, which requires very little research but a hefty slice of wit.

Find out which social channels work best for your business

Depending on what services you provide, not all social channels may work for you. Different platforms attract different types of audiences, for example, if your company is very visual you may get better results on Instagram than on Facebook. If you’re trying to appeal specifically to other businesses, perhaps consider creating posts on Linkedin. Work out what your goals are, who you want to target and where they are. 

Happy posting from the ITO!  If you’re interested in using social media as a marketing platform for your business but would like some guidance or advice on how to begin this venture, get in touch with us here at The ITO today. 

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