Twitter for Business: 10 Creative Twitter Content Ideas

Did you know that each social media platform requires a different content strategy? The world of Twitter can be quite fast-paced. As the timeline reacts to trending topics around the world every hour of the day. Therefore, it is important to post more on your Twitter platform than you may on other channels. We recommend at least once a day. However, coming up with fresh and engaging content every day can be challenging. Keep reading to find out 10 creative Twitter content ideas for your business. 

1. Start a twitter poll

Twitter polls are a great way to get your followers to engage with your brand. They are also a great tool for some valuable market research. For example, if you’re unsure on what type of product to launch next, simply ask your audience. You can then use this information to shape your next business strategy. 

As voting in a poll requires little effort from the user, and most people are curious to see results, they often gain higher engagement levels than regular tweets. 

2. User generated content

Depending on your business type you may have a regular stream of user-generated twitter content you can tap into. Retweeting, replying or re-posting (with full credit to the original creator) customer-created content on your platform can help strengthen relationships with your customers and even help build online communities for your brand. 

@ABHcosmetics retweet user-generated content to promote their products

3. Join a conversation

Twitter’s real-time nature has made the platform an influential source of news, current affairs and trending topics. Tweeting about a topic that is currently trending helps you become part of a conversation – or a conversation starter. This will increase your engagement levels and depending on what you say, could increase your brand equity. Think about how your business relates to or fits into what others are talking about. 

It is also worth noting that joining a current conversation requires real-time monitoring of the platform. Responding to trending topics is not something that can be easily pre-scheduled into your strategy. However, some topics can be anticipated, such as big events or national holidays. Tweets about these holidays can be crafted ahead of time. 

4. Behind the scenes

Providing a sneak-peek glimpse into the everyday workings of your business helps humanise your brand. This gives your brand an authentic voice that may be relatable to many of your followers. You could show how your new product is being created or the planning of an upcoming event. Another behind-the-scenes content idea could be interviewing staff members or getting them to post random facts about themselves. This also allows your followers to feel like they are a part of your brands inside community.

5. Visual content

Visual content is will receive on average 150% more retweets than basic text tweets. This type of Twitter content catches the reader’s attention more as they are scrolling down their timeline. So, think about your text tweets, could they be jazzed up with an image, infographic or video?  

@YouTube asks their audience a question to spark a heart-warming conversation

6. Ask your audience questions

A great way to start conversations with your followers is to simply ask them questions. It can be relevant to your brand, current trending topics or just about everyday life. Get to know your followers. More importantly, test and measure what kind of questions receive more engagement and integrate these more into your Twitter strategy.

7. Memes

It may seem strange and silly, but I promise you even the most corporate of brands sometimes use a gif or meme to add a sense of humour and light-heartedness to their tweets. What kind of meme you create may depend on your brand’s tone of voice. But do not be afraid to be funny! As some branded memes can go viral and hugely increase your brand’s engagement levels on Twitter.

@KFC_UKI use a funny meme to reply to another Twitter page

8. Host a giveaway

People love free stuff! And so, giveaways are great way to increase your brand awareness. Grab the attention of your followers by giving them the chance to win a product, vouchers or tickets to an event etc. In return all they have to do is retweet your tweet, follow your page and maybe even tag three friends in the replies? This helps you get some priceless marketing from other users for only the price of the prize to the lucky winner. Hosting giveaways every once in a while, is definitely worth it. If the prize is good enough to rack up some interest, you should see a valuable ROI. 

9. Testimonials

Share positive feedback from your customers to your twitter page. Prove to your followers that others love your products/services and working with your business. This helps boost your brand’s credibility and may positively influence other’s perception of your brand. 

10. Helpful Tips

This kind of content is helpful and informative. If your business sells a product you could link your tips to how to get the most out of your products. Alternatively, you could post tips relating to the industry you are in. It is important to think about what your followers may not know and what they may find interesting. Put yourself in your customers shoes. 

As tweets only allow for a certain character length, remember to keep your tips short and to the point. 

Get started today

Whilst you may have primarily adopted Twitter to promote your business, its products and or services, it is important to mix up your Twitter content with engaging posts. Besides, no one will enjoy following an account that only ever pushes sales. Our ten ideas should give you some inspiration to get more creative with your posting.

However, if you’re interested in using twitter as a marketing platform for your business but would like some guidance or advice on how to begin this venture, get in touch with us here at The ITO today. 

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