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Researching Keywords Using Ubersuggest And Answerthepublic.Com

Keywords are one of the most crucial ingredients of a successful SEO campaign. Without the right keywords, you will most likely struggle to get the desired results from your SEO efforts. Online businesses owners know that they need to target the top keywords, i.e., the keywords that offer high search volume and minimal competition, to stand a chance of beating the competition in their niche. 

With all said about keywords and their importance, you may wonder how these important gems are sourced. This is where keyword research tools come into the mix. These tools are specially designed to help users look for the right keywords. They make the seemingly impossible work easy and deliver expected results with impressive accuracies. 

Currently, there are several keyword research tools on the internet. But for this post, we will be focusing on Ubersuggest and – top two options preferred by millions of online users. 

Read on to learn how to use each of these tools to get the keywords that work for you.


Ubersuggest – a proven keyword research tool. 

Ubersuggest is a multipurpose keyword research tool that also helps with traffic analysis and content idea curation. Acquired by Neil Patel in 2017, the Ubersuggest tool is free and simple to use. Its intuitive interface offers accurate keyword data in real-time, helping you save time and efforts.  

Let’s see how it works.

  • Visit the Ubersuggest site
  • Type in your seed keyword or main keyword into the search box. 
  • Set the country and the target language. 
  • Click “Search”



NB: The seed keyword can be any keyword that is relevant to your business or niche, and which potential customers will likely include in their searches. You can try multiple combinations for more options. 

Now you have a list of suggested keywords, all sourced from Google’s Suggest Algorithm. If you click any of these suggested keywords, the Ubersuggest tool provides the SERPs for this keyword. The search engine in consideration here is Google. 

There is a lot you can do with the Google SERP data. First, you can see up to 100 sites that rank highest for each suggested keyword – these are your biggest competitors. You can go deeper by checking the estimated number of visitors and shares on the websites that ranked for each keyword. 

The analysis of this data will help you to create a befitting strategy that can help you rank for your desired keyword. 

Before we conclude our discussion on Ubersuggest, let’s take a look at the Ubersuggest filters – a set of options that help you to streamline your research and organise the suggested keywords. The filters include Search Volume, Paid Difficulty, Cost Per Click (CPC), SEO Difficulty, Include Keywords, and Exclude Keywords.


Choosing the best from the Ubersuggest keyword suggestions.

Now, the final step is identifying the keywords that are best for you from the options provided. For best results, go for keywords with medium or high search volume, excellent Cost-Per-Click (CPC) if you will be using them for your Google Ads. The SEO difficulty of your chosen keywords should not be more than 60, and they must be trending. 

Now that you have the right keywords, you can proceed to build relevant content around them. – another excellent keyword research tool. 

With over 200,000 users visiting the platform every month, the tool is definitely one of the most sought-after on the internet at the moment. It was launched in 2014 as a multifaceted tool that can offer search insight monitoring, keyword research, and content ideas.

How does AnswerThePublic works?

This keyword research tool is designed to help you know what people are searching for on Google. It leverages the autocomplete feature on Google. So, when you type in any keyword, the reverse-engineered Google autocomplete system provide you with a couple of top predictions. These predictions are the most used phrases by users, and they are all related to the keyword you have provided. 

Alternatively, you may use “wildcards” to enable Google to fill in the blanks for your query. These wildcards include the * and _ symbols. You can try as many variations as possible to get maximum keyword and content ideas. 

While you may not get the exact search volume of these suggested keywords and key phrases, they are most likely to be high. This is because they are all derived from questions searchers on Google ask using the keyword of interest. 

So, it is safe to describe the AnswerThePublic tool as an automated autocomplete tool that provides different possible topics for your blog content. The keyword or key phrase variants are usually segmented based on the variations adopted in their creation. For example, you have the “hows” differentiated from the “whys.” Another way AnswerThePublic derives its suggestions is via the use of prepositions. The use of prepositions like “without/with,” “like,” and “versus.” 


What do you get from AnswerThePublic?

Type in your desired keyword and the tool will provide you with results usually segmented into the following groups:

  • Questions related to the keyword or topic as searched by Google users;
  • The keyword variations containing prepositions and comparisons;
  • Related searches and searches organised alphabetically.

For best results, you should choose a relevant topic in your niche, and then arrive at a keyword that will factor-in the best possible suggestions. You may want to combine the AnswerThePublic tool with other keyword research tools like Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner for maximum results. The suggested additional keyword tools will provide insightful search data you miss out on with the AnswerThePublic tool. 


In Conclusion

It is important to know the specific strengths of both the AnswerThePublic and Ubersuggest keyword tools. While the former works in line with Google’s autocomplete mechanism, the latter focuses on providing accurate search data that will guide your keyword choice. 

Both are free and easy to use, and they provide accurate results when used correctly. So, whether you are a newbie or an expert digital marketer or keyword researcher, either of these keyword research tools will come handy in getting the desired results. 


Do you have any questions or seek clarifications on these keyword research tools? Feel free to reach out to us in the comment or via any of our communication channels. We will be delighted to help! 

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