This image shows the CEO Carl Hodges ready to take your call. Contact Us to talk about your business needs About Us We are dedicated to supporting start-up, small and medium sized companies just like yours. Established in 2017 we have been very successful due to the experience and skillsets we have within our team.

Our goals are not over-complicated!
We just help our clients


For years our team have explored everything digital marketing has to offer and at a great cost of investment. Our team understand advanced lead generation tecniques, IP tracking, Lead Funnel Campaigns and more.
We have made it our mission to make digital affordable to the small and medium sized companies that need online results in todays competitive world.

Coupled together with great communication and first class service, Our team offer a single stop for businesses to drive results online. We work closely with our clients to understand the needs of the business and apply our experience to drive new leads, generate additional online reach and website traffic and the ultimate aim – getting conversions.

Our Story.

Humble Beginnings

Humble beginnings
Our company began as a small part time enterprise, with the aim of teaching the elderly basic IT skills. Working with the elderly gave us a lot of insight into the importance of making a website easy to navigate and was of course personally rewarding. However, the market was somewhat limited, so after some time we decided to move on and explore the exciting world of VR; switching from the basics, straight to the state of the art!

Welcome To The Virtual World

We worked on a number of VR projects, one of the most noted being historic virtual tours of a nuclear power station. These tours are still available and on display for public use in the Devil’s Porridge Museum based in Eastriggs, near Annan. The VR tours have become a main attraction at the museum and have helped achieve some national awards including the coveted Scottish Thistle Award.

Back To Reality

As exciting as VR is, we began to realise that it is most definitely a luxury item for large businesses as opposed to a must have service. To cater for everyday businesses we would have to consider their everyday needs. Thankfully, with VR came the discovery of google integration. We began to immerse ourselves in the world of SEO, discovering the secrets behind the optimisation of websites to increase foot traffic. We realised that optimisation was an essential in today’s climate and so we began to focus more and more on this, discovering the latest tools and tricks of the trade. As useful as SEO is, we also began to see that the backbone of a successful business has many parts to it, certainly too many for one company to cover alone; but what if we worked together?


Just The Right Amount Of Cooks

One of the things every business appreciates is simplicity. By combining forces, we would be able to provide expert digital services and advice without excessive admin or the hassle of communication. We approached some of our friends in the field and initially, 5 businesses offering specialist services decided to collaborate with us, adding print, graphics, legal and videography to our repertoire.

We are now home to 16 specialist businesses, offering a grand total of 97 different services to our clients. Our team effort means that we can offer everything from web design and copywriting, to social media management and app development, all taken care of by specialists.

What does the future hold?

Our current aim is to perfect our business model. We want to ensure that the process each client goes through is both comfortable and efficient. At the ITO we believe change should be embraced; we will adapt and perfect our service as we learn.

Alongside this, we strive to constantly explore and stay up to date with the latest technology and tools. This is partly of course so that our clients can get the best out of their investment, but also simply to feed a natural curiosity and urge to develop our skills. We invest time and money into exploring the best development options so that you don’t have to, and we have fun doing it.

From the very beginning we have gleaned something valuable from each experience we have had and we are excited to see what the future holds!

Online works for everyone, when done right!

Our team can often be described as insane. We get excited about numbers, analytics, design, style – you name it, we want to do it and that drive and passion has lead to our success, but ths would be expected, after-all, we are working in the online industry sector. Driving results here is what we do. 

But our ethos is built more around working with other smaller to medium businesses that arent as fortunate as us. Its taken us years to explore, learn and understand all the different marketing techniques, and there is still more innovative platforms emerging online every week or month. We continue exploring these whilst we focus on helping our clients on the journey to success. If your website or online presence just isnt working for your company, We specialise in making it deliver a return on investment – making you an online success.

"Our Team Gets Excited About The Challenge Of Making A Client Succesful Online"

Guiding You To Online Success

We use the oldest and time withstanding steps that is known! Whilst we have exeprience in advanced techniques, services and solutions, the way we work with our clients is as simple as it gets.

Understanding Our Client

We take the time to get to know you and your business.

Audit, Review & Strategy

We evaluate your current online position using industry leading tools

Implementation Phase

We work on all the actions highlighted in the strategy

Return On Investment

Gradually, Online will start working for you and you will start to see a return on your investment

Have a project?

Lets arrange a meeting to disuss what you are working on. Let our experts offer advice and valuable input that can save you hours of work and money. Get in touch today!

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