Agency VS. Freelance, which is better for you?

As the demand for digital marketing services has continued to increase, more businesses are looking for the best ways to get effective marketing results which meet their set goals and objectives. As expected, the increasing demand has been met by increasing supply. More digital marketing services providers are coming up to work with and help business owners get results. 

Digital marketing service providers function either as an agency or a freelancer. While both types of outfit offer similar services, their setup and approach are somewhat different. Therefore, business owners often find it challenging to choose between working with a digital marketing freelancer or agency. 

If you have found yourself in the same position, this post will help you. Join us as we discuss the reasons you should hire either of the two for the marketing needs of your business.

Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Straight to the point; here are some reasons you may want to consider working with a digital marketing agency.

In-Depth Approach

Marketing agencies rely on the expertise of digital marketing experts to get results for their clients. So, you can rest assured that you are going to be working with the best hands possible. An agency will go deeper to understand your goals, values, missions, and needs, and use the same in creating the best strategy for you.  This will really come in handy if you want to want to build a long-lasting and recognisable brand image for your business.

Higher Consistency and adequate reporting

Again, an agency is better suited for long-term engagement. They are more likely to be available for the long term. So, in addition to crafting a good strategy for you, they can help to groom and monitor it to success. An agency is also more likely to ensure regular communication between them and their clients. They track progress and keep you in the loop.

Multifaceted Solution

Digital marketing involves various services – website design, app development, PPC advertising, SEO, email marketing, and social media management, among others. An agency tends to have experts in each of these segments. So, it is not a case of one person offering all of these skills and expertise. This makes it easier and faster to get results.

Quality Assurance

Before you work with an agency, you will speak to the manager or salesperson who will try to understand your needs and assemble a good team of professionals to help you. During this phase, you can assess the readiness and competency of the agency. You may ask specific questions about the past and present clients of the agency to see if they are actually up to the task.  Hiring a freelancer deprives you of this privilege. Although you can learn more about a freelancer before contacting them, this takes more time and may not present accurate results.

Local Business Knowledge

A lot of businesses today prioritise targeting their local customers. Therefore, their marketing strategy must be crafted to reflect this. This involves working with the right keywords and targeting the right audience with PPC and email marketing. It might be challenging to achieve all of these when you work with a freelancer. 

Unlike a marketing agency that has an excellent knowledge of the area it serves; an international freelancer may not be well-grounded in this regard. In this case, an agency can help you come up with adequate buyer personas, keyword research, and advert campaigns that will convert your target audience. 

Now, let’s take a look at why you should work with a freelancer.

Why hire a freelancer?

Lower Costs

You could spend less working with a freelancer. Why? They charge per project, the fees are mostly flexible, and there are no long-term projects. This is why they are more suited for individual projects. That said, do not expect the services of freelance digital marketing experts to be ridiculously cheap. 

For instance, you may be paying more for a highly experienced or more specialised digital marketing freelancer. These professionals are not push-overs. In fact, they know their worth, and they want to charge as much as they can for their dedication to your needs and that of your business. 

The downside here is that the best freelancers are specialised. Considering digital marketing has many areas, you may end up hiring multiple freelancers to handle various aspects of your project. This may defeat the earlier benefit of reduced costs.

Greater Flexibility

Freelancers are more flexible to work with; after all, you are working with just one person. It is easier and faster to relate with them and get your messages across, compared to working with a team of experts. 

Freelancers are also more dedicated to work, considering they mostly handle only one project at a time. Working with just one client at a time helps them to focus only on your needs and that of your business.  However, always ensure that a freelancer will be available for as long as your project will take before hiring them. This is one of the details to finetune during your negotiations. 

That said, the flexibility might not really count if you consider the stress that comes with managing people remotely. This is not only tedious but time-wasting if you end up with a bad freelancer. Most times, freelancers are working from various locations. Thus, it can be more difficult to attain consistency.

Which option should you go for?

From our discussions so far, it is clear that none of the two options is outrightly better than the other. Your choice will depend on your goals. So, do proper research based on the set goals and see if an agency or a freelancer is the best fit for the job. Remember, digital marketing agencies are better at handling long-term projects that require excellent and multifaceted expertise. You can consider freelancers for simple and straightforward tasks. 

If you are interested in working with a reputable digital marketing agency that is capable of crafting and executing a customised and productive strategy that meets your needs, we are your go-to option. Reach out to us today, and we will take it from there.

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