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Businesses are finding more and more ways to up their social media game. An average individual spends up to two hours on various social media channels daily. Therefore, a fully optimised social media presence will increase your chances of getting the attention of these users. Likewise, it gives the brand more pronounced visibility across various social media platforms. This way, it is easier to get the brand and its message in the faces of the right audience. 

This post will discuss why having a social media presence is important for your brand, and more importantly, how a brand can improve its social media presence.  Let’s start with the benefits of a good social media presence.

Why is Social Media Presence vital for a business?

Social Media presence helps to build brand awareness

Brands are always competing for the limited attention of customers. So, a brand that is serious about getting the attention of the right customers must take its brand awareness seriously. One of the best ways to build excellent brand awareness is to improve social media presence.

It helps to boost your web traffic

A brand can maximise its presence on social media to convince potential customers and clients about its offers and services. If convinced enough, these customers will most likely head to the business’ websites to learn more about what they offer.

Acquire new customers

One of the perks of a good social media presence is the lead generation. Potential clients and customers who get to know about the brand on social media are leads. The conversion of these leads starts right on social media and culminates on the brand’s website. This translates to increased conversion and more revenue.

It helps to reach certain audiences 

Almost half of the world population are on the internet, and by extension, social media. Every key demographic is represented – young and old; male and female, Europeans and Asians; amongst many others. A brand can leverage its various social media platforms to reach out to a specific demographic in the audience.

It boosts brand reputation

A great way for a brand to become an industry authority or leader is by ensuring the constant use of their social media presence. Relevant content, first-hand engagement, and providing instant and helpful solutions on social media are some of the best ways to establish a reputation as an industry leader. 

Having explained what a business or brand stands to gain from ensuring an excellent social media presence, let’s take a look at how it is done.

How can businesses improve their Social Media Presence?

There is no universal strategy to achieve an optimal social media presence. The approach always depends on the type of brand/business, the target audience, and the set goals of the business.  That said, here are some steps businesses can follow to boost their social media presence.

Understand the problem

The first step in solving a problem is understanding it. A brand must first analyse the present situation of their social media activities. Do the findings correspond to their set goals and objectives? What are the stumbling blocks preventing the actualisation of these goals?  

Businesses may also compare their efforts with that of their main competitors. Note that the aim here is not to copy other businesses’ strategies. Rather, it helps brands to see where and how they can do better.

Come up with S.M.A.R.T goals

Yes, a brand can set up SMART goals for its social media strategy. For instance, it may be to increase engagement across three social media platforms by at least 20% each in six months. Note that such goals must be SMART-compliant. This means it must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Get familiar with your audience

A business that is striving to improve its social media presence must know where and who to target. Without this direction, getting the desired results may be challenging. Who are you trying to serve? Once the target audience is identified, efforts must be made to understand the preferences and the buyer persona of the audience. What do they seek from businesses in your niche? How can you meet these needs better than your competitors?

Build relevant and  beneficial relationships

Once the target audience is known and understood, the next step is to forge meaningful relationships with them. A business should not just see the audience on their social media platforms as ordinary followers. They are more than that, and it is the responsibility of the business to show them that. How? Listen to their questions and complaints and resolve them as soon as possible. Engage with them on your brand content always and seize every opportunity to start a good conversation.

Post relevant content

Content is king, even on social media. Customers are easily attracted to a business or brand that cares for them and their needs. Study the interests of your target audience and put up content that resonates these needs. If they seek clarifications or ask questions on your content, offer quick and beneficial answers. All these endear potential customers and clients to your brand. While at it, try to spice up the content. Reading the same or similar content over and over will get anyone bored, including your audience.

Be Human

Businesses are interacting with humans on their social media platforms. Hence, it is only expected their approach is that of a human. Sounding robotic or appearing faceless will only deter potential customers from pitching their tents with a brand. Instead, be active, committed, and relate with your audience like long-term customers. These will make them more settled and endeared to your brand and its offers.

Final Thoughts

Social media presence, if done right, can be a game-changer for any business that wants to maximise the social media space. This post has shown that the benefits are indeed immense, and it is not impossible to achieve. However, if you need some professional help at any step of the way, we will be delighted to come in. 

Let’s add you to our long list of satisfied customers.

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