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Website Design, Website Maintenance, WordPress, Custom PHP, HTML & JS coding, Social Media, Domain Management, Server Migrations, SSL Certificates, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography & Virtual Tours

About the project

We maintained a great and close working relation with this client as one of our flagship projects. We saw many different services being utilised over multiple dental practice websites. Our client came to us with expansion growth plans and we start negotiation on a number of websites that were in need of updating. From there, the relationship grew into many services.

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Managing Multiple Brands

When we first started working with our client, there was around 7-10 dental practices that they owned, but the potential growth was huge. In 2020 we already see this number as high as 60+ practices. This means growth is over 25 practices per year. With the clients unique partnership model, each dental practice keeps its own branding which means that there are doens of website that would require our attention. Something we are proud to say that we stepped up to the challenge and delivered on.

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Bespoke Creations

Just about everything we offered this client was bespoke to the needs of the business. That ranged from Website Design and Maintenance, To the processes in place to manage and maintain servers and WordPress – Even the Social Media package was a custom built package to suit the budgets of their practices.

We also created a centralised User Portal that allowed all their communications to be in one singular point. Known as ‘the Hub’ this was custom coded and created from the ground upwards, but still within WordPress so that the internal team were familiar and could make changes themselves.

This included a Single Sign On Solution where we had to intergrate with Azure directly along with other portals and microsoft teams.

Fast Turnarounds

Given the amount of work that came from this client, its not a suprise that we needed to deliver a fast turnaround to all the tasks that were provided to us. Our team worked close with the clients team and had regular updates to ensure that the work we had ongoing was up to date and running on track. Some tasks that we were given could take a matter of minutes, where as others required more investigation to dig out route causes. As trouble shooters for this client, we are delighted that our average turnaround time was under 48 hours.

How We Helped Each Practice

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