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Devils Porridge Museum


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About the project

We were approached to capture a moment in time for the ageing nuclear power plant “chapel cross”. With a history rich impact on the local area, our client wanted to utilise virtual tours to capture what the reactors and facilities were like before the decommissioning completes. 

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Picture Of VR Experience that was created at the Devils Porridge Museum

What We Did

We spent time consulting and working on how to create a virtual reality experience that would give visitors a glimpse of what the power plant was like. By recreating the booth, the team were able to add in a tablet that would host the virtual tours whilst at the same time we used Samsung Gear VR headsets to showcase the tours in VR.

In order to capture the tours, our team and equipment had to spend some time in the nuclear reactor itself. With guides in-toe all the way to ensure we were safe, we are delighted with the outcome.

The Results

It has been insane that this actually came to be. What was once a thought, passed through so many obstacles. Just being allowed on site to capture the facilities was nothing short of a miracle. In turn, the experience is on show at the Devils Porridge Museum. Its a great addition and is worthy of any visit.

The experience has been featured in several publications including on the BBC NEWS which can be found here:


We are also delighted to hear that it was a starring feature that went on the help the museum win a Scottish thistle award.

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Processing Plant

Reactor Pile Cap

Electrical Control Room

Reactor Control Room

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