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Virtual Tours, Google Street Map Intergration

About the project

The client has 3 stores but wanted 2 of them intergrated with a virtual tour into Google Maps. The Matterport Virtual Tours Platform was the ideal solution for this client. Both affordable and quick turn-around times. The client was happy to go ahead with this.

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What We Did

We spent 2 days on-site. One in their newcastle store and the second in the Carlisle flagship store.
Both days presented challenges with the stores remaining open, however we worked around this and completed the tour capture within the two allotted days on-site. Later that week, we had finished adding on various links within the tour and we had embedded the tour into google street maps allowing for people to walk around the stores online.

The Results

These virtual tours are providing thousands of impressions and visits each week, month and year. They have increased the brand awareness and supplied hundreds of images to the team to use for their marketing. With this level of increase in brand reach, there has been an uplift in walk throughts and when used in conjunction with marketing campaigns, the results have been even higher.



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